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Alfred's Great Music & Musicians, Book 1

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  • CategoryPiano Classical
  • PublisherAlfred
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  • SeriesPremier Piano Course
  • FormatBook & CD
  • Artist/AurthorNancy Bachus, Tom Gerou
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  • Song ListUnit 1: The Greco-Roman Era Unit 2: The Middle Ages Unit 3: The Renaissance Unit 4: The Baroque Period Unit 5: The Classical Period Unit 6: The Romantic Period Unit 7: The Turn of the 20th Century Unit 8: 1945 to the Present
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Great Music & Musicians provides a foundation for understanding the major cultural periods---from the Greco-Roman Era to the present. It guides students through musical styles and the development of music through the ages. The book and CD includes art and listening examples that offer an opportunity for discussions. Although not correlated page-by-page, book 1 is appropriate for piano students in Premier Piano Course, levels 1A and 1B. It also may be used by students in other piano methods or as a focal point for group lessons. Each unit includes an overview and historical background, a closer look at important musical developments, art to provide further insight into life during the time, a short summary, listening suggestions, and a written review.